Brazil Gay Bars

The gay culture in Brazil is hot and strong, but it this culture thrives in one of Brazil’s largest cities, Rio de Janeiro. Here you will find a heavy cosmopolitan city that has a large and very active gay community.

In Rio, you will feel welcome everywhere, and language barriers literally do not exist. When you are in Rio, your only problem will be in choosing which of the many Brazil gay venues to visit.

The beach in Rio de Janeiro is excuse enough alone to visit this beautiful city. You won’t be able to decide which is more beautiful, the people, or the sandy beachy shores. You will want to definitely check out the hot Brazil gay scene in the Ipanema neighbourhood, and particularly the Farme Gay. The Farme Gay is a hot spot that attracts many local celebrities and gays from every culture. Assimilate yourself in the gay community at Farme Gay, also known as Barbie Iland. It will not take you long during your stay to realize that the term Barbie is one used among the gay folks to describe only the hottest and wealthiest men in the gay community.

If you are in Rio, you will also want to check out the festival known as Rio Gay by Day. Here you will be able to participate in gay dodgeball or volleyball on the weekends. You will get to meet plenty of the residents of the gay community and socialize your days away. Spend your evenings cooling off and unwinding in Ipanema in the many Brazil gay bars in Rio.

The Copacabana neighbourhood in Rio is of course yet another hot spot in Brazil with a huge selection of Brazil gay bars. Start your evening off with a late dinner at any of their world class dining facilities, and finish the evening in the many Brazil gay bars in Copacabana.

La Manga Del Mar Menor Restaurants Delight

Any Spanish holiday to the Murcian region will lead you to La Manga del Mar Menor restaurants that delight the senses. A great variety of culinary destinations awaits you to enhance your vacation on the Mediterranean. The only thing you have to do is try to narrow down your decisions from the myriad restaurants available to your palate. That’s all part of the fun of enjoying the delectable foods that are always a part of a fine Spanish experience.

La Manga is in the Spanish region of Murcia on the Costa Calida and is a slice of land 28 kilometers long. The Mar Menor area of La Manga is on one side of this land, by the sea inlet Mar Menor. This area is home to wonderful restaurants that go from basic fast food type fare to elaborate menus of greater taste complexities.

La Manga del Mar Menor restaurants you can choose from include the Restaurante El Parador in El Vivero, Los Alemanes beach. This restaurant is a rebuilt home with a palm tree garden, beach   club ,  bar   and  barbecue. It’s also equipped for winter season eating, not being an exclusively warm-weather facility.

Another restaurant is the ZM 101 in El Vivero, Los Alemanes beach. They have a  bar   and  a restaurant section. The  bar  is a traditional place in La Manga where people end their night. The restaurant offers appetizers, drinks, lunch and dinner.

If you are looking for a nice place to eat that overlooks the Mar Menor (Little Sea), then you can try the Restaurante Club Náutico Dos Mares. This restaurant offers good cuisine at good prices and accepts non-club guests when they are not booked up with their own members. They just ask that you call first and inquire as to availability. If you are in the mood for a different meat experience, try Restaurante Argentino St. Gregory’s. This restaurant is a villa atmosphere surrounded by a lovely garden. It features charcoal grilled Argentine style ox meat.

If good old fashioned English-style fish and chips is what you desire while out and about, give Watts Frying in Torre Luquillo a try. For different varieties of fish and tapas, you can investigate the Restaurante Cafetería Puerto Rico in the Mar Menor region.

A La Manga del Mar Menor restaurant that specializes in fried fish extraordinaire is the Chiringuito El Barón. A quick-service La Manga restaurant that gets busy during July and August, they recommend you make a phone reservation during those months.

The Restaurante Paquebote in Gran Via de la Manga is a Mar Menor restaurant with reasonable prices. They offer paella, fish, grilled fresh vegetables and top-quality pizza. If you have a craving for different varieties of crepes or beefsteaks, check out Sugar & Spice. You can also venture into the Bambus, which provides large portions to its clientele in traditional offerings of chicken, beef, fish, shrimp and salads. It’s where customers often say you only need to order one portion to feed two people.

The Restaurante-Bar El Estacio is an outdoor  bar   and  restaurant overlooking Mar Menor beach. They specialize in grilled and fried sardines, fresh anchovies and squid. Their menu also consists of steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and salads, and they are a tapas style diner.

The Pieter van Driel Restaurant in Club Vela Internacional has a palm tree garden. Their fare consists of excellent fish and steaks, caldero rice and other sumptuous Spanish menu items. When weather permits, they have fish and meat barbecues, with meals served straight to your table by their waiters.

The culinary offerings of the restaurants in La Manga del Mar Menor, from simple fare to more advanced dishes, give you the opportunity to try something different every day. Try any of the ones mentioned or any of the many available in the Mar Menor region. You are certain to enhance your Spanish holiday when you dine out in La Manga del Mar Menor restaurants.

Miami – A Spring Break Story, Part Two – Bar Hopping

After a day of lounging on the beach there’s nothing better than taking a power nap and heading out for a night on the town. Miami is crowded with trendy nightclubs, bars, and lounges. Unfortunately you can’t visit them all. Fortunately, you have me, the girl who can tell you were you must go when you’re in Miami. Miami has an unbelievable nightlife and these are the places that make Miami after hours alive and exciting.

  1. Lobby Lounge in downtown Miami is part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, one of the most elegant and expensive hotels in Miami. If you can’t afford to shell out a few hundred dollars a night, you can still get the experience by visiting the Lobby Lounge. Order some of their delicious hors d’oeuvres and snazzy champagne cocktails. It’s the perfect way to start off the night…before the night gets too crazy!
  2. Brick’s Nightclub and Sky Lounge is the perfect way to see Miami. Sure you’re inside but the rooftop sky lounge has the perfect view of Miami’s skyline. Brick’s is a typical Miami nightclub. 10,000 square feet, an outstanding lighting system, three floors, five bars, and some of the comfiest zebra print couches I have ever sat on!
  3. Churchill’s is a unique bar that brings a little bit of England into the all American town of Miami. If you are a beer fan this is the place to go. They offer over a dozen picks of your choice. This isn’t a place for all night dancing, but if you want to see a live band or play a little pool you have to go straight to Churchill’s!
  4. Nocturnal. Now here is a place to dance the night away! Nocturnal has three different themed floors, each with their own DJ and bar. This “state of the art” 20,000 square foot nightclub has a café, a dozen plasma TVs, and a rooftop dance floor complete with waterfalls and a killer view.
  5. Studio A is for those of you who love a little rock and roll. Or, for that matter a lot of rock and roll. A lot of live rock and roll! Party and dance to the live bands or sit back in a comfy chair, sip a drink, and enjoy the show. Concerts and live shows are on stage almost every night.
  6. Dave and Buster’s Miami. Like pool, arcade games, shuffleboard, darts, video games, and just plain fun? Well if you don’t, stay away from Dave and Buster’s! Make a night out of it. Start off your evening by indulging in one of Dave and Buster’s delicious steaks. Head for the bar to order one of their famous drinks and watch some football. Then let the games really begin! I could probably spend the whole day at Dave and Buster’s -a few hours never feels like enough!

It is impossible to go to Miami and not have fun. Get a tan, have a few fruity drinks, and then dance the night away in this tropical and lively city!

Nottingham Nightlife The Best In England?

When people think of Nightlife,   and  the best places in the country go out, they immediately think of the huge cities, London, Manchester etc which do indeed have some great  bars   and   clubs  for all tastes. But with these large names and exclusive venues, a premium is placed on the drinks and entry, often making the good nights out too expensive for the average clubber. So where else is there for the nightlife junkie?? Where can some of the best nightlife in the country be found, at affordable prices? I’ll tell you where, Nottingham, thats where. Due to its high student population,  clubs   and   bars  are cheap  and  plentiful for all, meaning that almost any clubber will find the right venue for them. From Underground music, such as drum n bass and heavy techno, to cheesy student nights and RnB, its all here. Its not just for students either, the general public are allowed in many of the venues during the week, and almost all at the weekends. Many locals complain about students, but at the end of the day, they are the ones responsible for the lower drinks and entry prices in the city throughout the week.

So what exactly does Nottingham have to offer in the way of Nightlife? Currently it offers some of the biggest and best clubs in the country, with Gatecrasher having recently taken over Media, providing top music and some of the biggest DJs from around the world. Oceana, opened 2 ½ years ago, has become some what of a student favorite. The third in the brand, this  club  offers clubbers 6 different experiences in one night, with 2 full size  clubs , 3  bars , 1 restaurant  and  a VIP area, its no wonder this has become one of the busiest  clubs  in the country. The weekends here are always packed playing the best in commercial dance, RnB and some slightly harder music at times to keep all tastes happy. Be sure to arrive early to avoid the always long queues.

For the harder clubber there is Stealth, which offers hard house, techno, trance and Drum n Bass nights every month, with some of the top DJs in their respective fields making regular appearances. Nottingham was one of the pioneering city’s for Drum n Bass as it has grown over the last 10 years, and stealth offers some of the largest nights in the country for this ever popular underground genre. Massive DJs and producers such as Hype, Mampi Swift, Andy C and many more can often be found whipping the dance floor into an adrenaline filled frenzy with some of the very best and biggest tunes around. There are also a number of other clubs around the City, with Ocean being the number 1 student club, playing a variety of big tunes, cheese, RnB and all the classics all week. Mode is another popular venue with a great atmosphere at all times.

Clubbing not really your thing?? Then why not check out the HUGE range of  bars  around the City. There are  bars  to suit every taste, from dirt cheap student  bars  such as Varsity  and  Templars to the up market sophistication of the Lace Market. One of my personal favourite  bars  in Nottingham has to be the Pitcher  and  Piano. This is not the usual  bar , as it is set in a renovated church, with impressive architecture on the outside  and  beautiful interior design, with a raised circular VIP area right in the center of the venue. Drinks aren’t the cheapest here, but its well worth it for the amazing atmosphere and great service.

With all of this in one place, who needs the over inflated prices of the capital?? Nottingham is the place to be!

How To Approach A Woman During The Day Time – The Differences

You may know all there is to know about how to approach a woman at a bar or club, but when you make daytime approaches, it’s a whole different game. Most guys assume that the day game is pretty much the same, and they’re dead wrong. Day game is basically anything outside of a bar or club. At bars and clubs, there’s a huge difference that really changes the dynamic – drugs and alcohol are involved.

There are advantage and disadvantages to day game. The biggest advantage is that there’s usually no competition at all. There aren’t a hundred other guys at the venue doing essentially the same thing as you – meeting girls. You also don’t have all the distractions of your friends, her friends, the music, the lights, other girls, other guys, etc. Night clubs and bars can be over-stimulating.

During the daytime, she’s walking around just doing her thing. Maybe she’s running errands, going shopping, checking out the bookstore or having a cup of coffee. There’s not much going on and this means nothing’s going to get in the way of your conversation.

One disadvantage is that it’s nearly impossible to pick up girls in groups during the day. When you approach groups, you need to be high-energy and that’s just plain weird in the middle of the day. You might be okay approaching a pair of girls somewhere, but basically group approaches don’t work well during the day. Your energy level during the day should be about a third of what it is at night.

Another difference is that touching doesn’t work during the daytime. Can you imagine if you just grabbed some girl walking down the street? That’s just plain creepy. Think of it this way – really light touching might be okay, but nothing that would be weird at work. If you wouldn’t do it at the office, it’s off limits during day game.

During the day, girls aren’t drunk or high, and this often means they’re not in social mode. This is why you don’t just walk down the street throwing out openers. She’s on her way to pick up her dry cleaning or take care of some other errand, and she’s not expecting guys to walk up and talk to her.

Finally, day game doesn’t end in sex. The goal is to get a phone number or set a date. That’s it. When you want to know how to approach a woman successfully in the day time, you’ve got to keep these things in mind.

Italy Gay Bars

The big cities of Italy such as Rome are where you will find the most abundant Italy gay  bars , though you will easily find them anywhere in the country. Here you will encounter a wealth of interesting experiences with the Italian gay community that is active and thriving.

You will find most of the gay community hanging out  and  gathering in Italy gay  bars   and  saunas. Though most Italian gay  bars  are located in the larger cities, you will still find that the northern areas of Italy  and  even in some sections of central Italy are home to its gay  bars . Many members of the gay community also enjoy meeting  and  gathering in the parks  and  beaches of Italy before they enjoy their evenings in the  bars .

If you have a chance to visit Italy in the summer, you will definitely want to check out the beaches located all over the country. There are many gay beaches specifically where you can enjoy days of relaxation and sunshine along the sandy Italian beaches, and have plenty of opportunities to meet many gay singles. After you have had some fun in the sun, you will definitely want to explore the exciting gay nightlife in the many  bars  that are located in all beach towns  and  cities.

When you are looking for Italy’s gay nightlife, you will note that the most gay  bars  are located in the larger more cosmopolitan cities of Milan  and  Rome. Italy’s gay  bars  also see a huge presence in some smaller cities such as Florence, Bologna,  and  Padoa. The areas of Torre del Lago in Tuscany will see a huge influx of gay travelers in the summer months  and  are also home to many excellent  bars .

Social Apps Fit Better for Social Clubs

If anyone ever told you that you shouldn’t go to a bar or club to meet people it wasn’t because you’d meet people. It was for some other reason entirely. Bars, clubs and other social establishments are where you people. In fact, when you think of ‘going out’, most people think of a favorite club, a nearby bar or some other gathering place (in some cases, this may be a mall or shopping location – which, incidentally should use mobile technology too). People congregate to socialize at these locations. Social Media plays right into this. A Smartphone equipped with a social app which harnesses this “socialization” fits beautifully.

Let’s consider how the youth and partying folks of today coordinate:

  • Person A sends an SMS message to Person B, “Hey, going to Acme Bar, want to meet up?”
  • Person B responds, “Sweet, let’s get Person C to go too.” (To which, Person A responds, “Sweet!”)
  • Person C gets a Facebook message from Person B and a Tweet from Person A. Faced with the incredible peer pressure, Person C relents and agrees to meet A and B at Acme.

Do you see how technology has changed the way these transactions are established? First, no phone conversations were made. Actually, it’s possible real words weren’t even used! (Seriously, have you seen how you can shortcut good English into mere code? U no 2 B gr8.) This is becoming the norm.

A smart business person who owns a bar or other socially oriented (or entertainment oriented) club like the above Acme Bar would realize that Social Media is the start of good communication and marketing. Let’s consider how the above conversation would look if Acme was ‘linked in’ (yes, this is a deliberate play on the words) to the social media world:

  • Person A gets a Tweet from @AcmeBar200 (i had to use this since there actually is a Twitter account for an Acme Bar out there!) which reads: “Get your dance on with DJ and 2 for 1 drink specials 2Nite”. This Twitter message (the “Tweet”) causes Person A to become nearly giddy with excitement.
  • Person A immediately Quotes the Tweet from @AcmeBar200 to their friends (hey, we really mean ‘followers’ here). Person B happens to follow Person A. (Since Person A is also a bit assertive, let’s say they also Direct Message Person B with an invite to Acme.)
  • Person B retweets the message from Person A and not only does Person C get the Tweet. but so do 1238 other people who follow Person B. (Don’t forget the 45 people who follow Person A.)
  • Person B and Person C both Tweet that they are going to Acme Bar to socialize (yeah, let’s call it that.)

As a marketer, your initial Tweet to the followers you have (let’s just say you have 400 followers) has been exposed to over 1600 people! This is also free marketing!

I could detail a number of additional ‘possible’ scenarios that would apply the use of social media for activity planning. However, you likely already have a good idea of how it can be used.

Social Media has grown in popularity so much; its use is represented in all age groups. The use of social media on a mobile device (this can include iPod and iPad and other tablets, not just smartphones) has also grown accordingly. The early adopters in businesses have embraced this technology set. This pioneering spirit provides nearly immediate dividends to the marketing efforts.

In the above example, Acme can use Facebook to promote their establishment. “Friends” of Acme can post to the wall with pictures and video. This, combined with a few well-placed comments like “Had a great time!” are akin to being the best possible peer recommendations a company can’t buy!

I’ve written articles before on the power of peer recommendation. It’s vital to recognize the power that can be achieved with social media’s platform of Peer review and recommendation. The amazing successes of business models that employ social media aspects underscore this. Consider “Angie’s List”. This is a model that heavily leverages peer review and recommendations. This is no different from a few photos on someone’s Facebook page with a location tag of Acme. The only difference, really, is that Angie’s List is a destination site (you go there for reviews, specifically) whereas Facebook is a browsing site (you don’t go to Facebook to find a review on a restaurant – although you could).

All this equates to a significant suggestion: Any socially oriented business such as a bar, nightclub, restaurant, social group or organization, or similar will benefit if they create a marketing plan which includes the use of social media. If you don’t already have a marketing plan for your business, then get going! This is like heading out on vacation to Florida without knowing which direction south is. You’ll end up somewhere; it just may not be in Florida.

I’ve seen very successful social media implementations for businesses that contribute greatly to marketing success. The best solutions use business type accounts (business named Twitter) AND personal accounts. The reason for this: People view business Tweets as “ads”. People view personal Tweets as “Reviews or recommendations”. The same holds true for Facebook and other social media apps and sites.

For those of you who’ve read this information and are wondering, “How do I get started?” go ahead and start educating yourself on Social Media. There are numerous sources to help you get a handhold into the realm of social media. Don’t worry about making too many mistakes at first. Follow the sage advice that you can get and see where things go. Track your successes and failures. This is the only way to have a roadmap for duplication of wins. If you’re the owner or manager of a socially-oriented business or organization, then you owe it to yourself to do what you can to get the low-cost and very effective social media marketing in place. Start succeeding with social!

7 Truths and Tips on "How to Get Gigs" and Fill Up Your Touring Schedule

It’s the famous old question on every hungry band’s mind – How To Get Gigs?

I can hear your pain from this computer screen – “Everyone else can get gigs left right and center but my band is still struggling to figure out how to get gigs…..”

The truth of the matter is that getting gigs and playing live shows isn’t really that hard, you just need to understand the sensitivities of how the live music system actually works.

Why   Clubs   and   Bars  Host Live Music In The First Place

From the  club   and   bar  owner’s perspective, they are not there to make you famous  and  they are certainly not there just to be nice, they are simply part of the live performance equation for one very blunt reason – to sell more alcohol, get people to play their poker machines and buy cigarettes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Creating a stage and giving bands a platform to play their music in a live environment is really just another ploy on their behalf to keep their customers in their room and get them to spend more of their money before they go home.

Sad but true.

As a result, it’s important to realize this notion when trying to figure out how to get gigs  and  build relationships with local  bars   and   clubs .

Proving your value to any  bar  or venue booker is a little bit like building a business relationship with someone. Do not ever expect to get the Saturday night headline spot without the venue knowing what sort of crowd you could pull and what value you are really worth. It’s not a very arty musical way to think about it all, but unfortunately this is how  bar  owners think – they are in it to make more money.

Once you understand and surrender to this concept, knowing how to climb the “how to get gigs” ladder becomes a whole lot easier.

Take Whatever You Can Get In The Beginning

When you realize and understand the above, you are ready to pitch yourself to the local venue booker with an offer that they have never heard of before…

You want to shock and surprise the agent by requesting to take the Monday or Tuesday night headline spot. 99.9% of other bands they come across will always be pushing for the Saturday night headline  and  wont settle for anything less however when your starting out, the idea is not to play in front of hundreds of people straight away, it’s more about proving your “value” to the  bar  owner  and  venue booker and starting that relationship that will hopefully get you to the Saturday night spot in 3 months time.

Additionally, all the  bar  owners  and  booking agents talk  and  once they start to hear that your doing good things in one  bar , watch how quickly the other places will start calling you!

Invite your friends  and  get pumped up to try  and  help your local  bar  make more money that Tuesday night than ever before by fulfilling your role in this business relationship between the  bar   and  your band. You need to fill the room with as many friends as you have and focus on putting on a great show that will make the booker stupid for not wanting to invite you back.

Personally Deliver Your Demo To Each Venue Booker

This might seem a little over the top and time consuming but it is absolutely critical.

When there are twenty other bands all trying to play in the same five rooms in your town it’s important to have some personal connection with local venue bookers when figuring out how to get gigs.

From my own experience I used to conduct proper research on each venue and find out who the local agents are. I’d get their names and phone numbers and then request five minuets of their time to go down to the venue and deliver them the bands music myself.

I would give them a quick spiel about the band and that they would be happy to take any openings and would keep a big smile on my face at all times.

Remember that the music industry is all about building relationships and networks, that person you just met might be booking another venue in six months time or they might be running the local radio station the following year.

Taking the time to personally deliver your demos and meet these people, even the venue owners is worth a lot more over time than you think

This approach to meeting venue bookers will almost always eventuate in some sort of gig opportunity – just by being personal and nice. Nine times out of ten you will probably catch them at a time when they are filling up the next months spots and they’ll just flick you a few dates for being there.

Definitely a surefire tip on how to get gigs.

Network Like Crazy!

The music industry is all about networking and meeting people. However if you really want to know how to get gigs and lots of them? Make sure you are always carrying a ton of your CD’s in your backpack wherever you go and make sure that your band is at the front of nearly every single conversation you have with anyone remotely involved in the music world.

This is a very grass roots approach to getting gigs however it does work

The other benefit of networking like crazy is that when you do get gigs, you’ve slowly built up a list of people to bring along to the show and hopefully some of them will know your tunes because you gave them a CD to listen to

Weekly Residencies

Residencies generally seem like a thing of the past but if your trying to figure out how to get gigs and are stuck, then going to your local venue and offering to play for free every Tuesday or Wednesday night is not only a great way to build a relationship with them, but more importantly it’s a great way to rehearse for free!

Again, the idea isn’t to play in front of large amounts of people, it’s a stepping stone to the next level. Do not under estimate the value of playing in front of very few people. It’s a humbling and soul strengthening experience that forces you to really shine in an adverse situation.

Contact Other Bands You Like

Again really simple but is always a great way to get your bands name out there. Booking agents and venues get cd’s and demo’s all the time, but how many do other bands get?

Besides from making the band feel special and important, very few people actually try to contact the bands themselves and ask them if they can support them.

The key is to track down bands that you think your band would fit well with musically and slowly warm them into the idea of giving you a support slot.

Another networking opportunity and a great way to get more gigs

Go To Shows and Meet Other Bands

If you want a career in the music industry as an artist, going out and seeing other bands and artists isn’t really a choice it’s imperative and part of being involved in the business.

When you go to other gigs, introduce yourself to other people  and  other bands, get to know the people who work behind the  bar , go up to the bands that night if you thought they were good  and  give them your CD and ask to play with them next time.

Again it’s all about networking, networking, networking and getting yourself inside a particular scene.

Make sure you also go and check out some of the bigger more happening bands in your area as well. It’s more than likely that industry folks from labels, radio stations, booking agencies etc will also be standing around checking out the talent.

So there you have it, seven new ideas to consider and contemplate if you are trying to figure out how to get gigs and fill up your touring schedule.

Nightlife in Europe – Cyprus and Greece

Europe is a fantastic country to visit, with as many varied cities and things to do as some women have shoes. You can enjoy the beaches   and  restaurants in the daytime,  and  then turn around  and  visit the  bars   and   clubs  for their spectacular nightlife.

Powerzone, a nightclub in Amsterdam, holds five thousand and is one of this city’s biggest clubs. Music subjects are different every Saturday, no two the same.  Bars   and  lounges look out over a huge dance floor.

Outside the city centre at Amstel station, Paradiso is a classy converted church hosting discos and modern music concerts. This place carries a great local following.

Charlies  Bar  at Pilestreade 33 stands out, but it is its ambience that makes it so inviting. What is called a freehouse, this  bar  serves real beers including Czech Pilsner, not always available in Northern Europe.

Europe is not the only desirable travel destination. In Cyprus you can find night  clubs  with live music, discos  and  a great variety of  bars .

Ayia Napa is the town to party in. In Cool Club, the number one dance club in Ayia Napa, you can dance and party the night away. Another club in Ayia Napa is Coyotes Club.

Enjoy a week of karaoke, dancing  and  cocktails at Seahorse Cocktail  Bar .

Settled in Aiya Napa’s busiest road, Paloma Cocktail  Bar  features five satellite dishes, Sky digital television,  and  cocktails and beers. Whatever you want, they’ve got it, as well as unbeatable hospitality.

Makedonas is at the center of Cyprus’s nightlife, located in the square in Aiya Napa. They have a good atmosphere, great music, and whatever else you could possibly want.

You will not find more  bars , discos,  clubs   and  restaurants anywhere then in Athens. In central areas like Psiri, Plaka and Thission, you can find a plethora of local clubs and discos. They have Rembetika Music Clubs, like Rembitiki Istoria, Stoa Athanaton, Misikleous, and Stathmos.

They also have tavernas with live Greek music. Ambelofilo features Greek island music. Elafokinigos has foul, deer, and all types of game meat.

For ethnic Latin as well as other clubs, Palenque, Asante, Caraho, and Cubanita Havannah Club.

For live rock clubs, go to An for its Greek bands and bands touring from the UK and USA, as well as it’s early morning hours. Or try Rockland for their great house band along with guest stars every weekend. House of Art features international singers as a surprise.

Parafono is a live music club featuring jazz and blues, and one of the rockingest places you could go in Greece. Its setting is a cabaret-esque place, and has an awesome sound system and lively audience. It is these points that make this the ideal place to go for jazz and blues music.

Bossa Nostra has a red decor inside and occasionally features Latin music.

Go to Alsos for its Greek laika and rock-alternative music.

The James Joyce Pub carries a full  bar  menu, imported beers, great music  and  they open early and stay open late.

Whether you travel to Europe, Greece or Cyprus, you can find the nightlife you so desperately crave as well as make some new friends and great memories.

Entertainment, Restaurants and Bars in Plymouth

Being in the south west and Devon in particular, Plymouth has invested in attracting tourists and has developed an economy in which leisure and tourism plays no small part. There is plenty to do and see all year round in Plymouth and during the summer season the traditional ‘sea-side’ entertainments also appear.

 Bars   and  Pubs:

With its long association with the Royal Navy  and  other Armed Forces, Plymouth has many pubs,  bars   and  nightclubs around the docks area as well as in the more scenic Plymouth Hoe and city locations. The highest concentration of pubs/ bars  is around the Barbican. The Minerva Inn on Looe Street (on the way from the city centre to the docks) is reputedly the oldest pub in Plymouth, its low ceilings giving the impression that a ‘press gang’ could knobble you any moment. The Ship Inn is, logically, on Quay Road and is another of Plymouth’s older public houses. The Ship describes itself as a historic tavern, although quite why they don’t make clear. The main night-club area is around Union Street. However, this area can get ‘lively’ when the clubs start closing for the night. Across town from Union Street is the Cooperage on Vauxhall Street, it offers a range of different dance music on different nights. So whether you prefer ‘indie’, ‘funk’, soul or ‘hiphop’, there’ll be at least one evening out at the Copperage each week. Monday night is ‘open mic’ night for anyone feeling brave or creative. The largest nightclub in Plymouth is the 1800 capacity Pilgrimage Club (formerly the Zanzibar) on Mayflower Street. For something a little more ‘chilled-out’  and  relaxing you could try the B-Bar, which is the in-house  bar  of the Barbican Theatre on Castle Street. Here you can enjoy live music, DJs, cabaret and comedy. Next to the Old Customs House and looking like a cavern inside, The Barbican Jazz CafĂ© on The Parade (which is not part of the Barbican Theatre) is a large and lively club with live jazz music nightly. Being a major English city there is, of course, a Yates’s Wine Lodge on the Royal Parade. Don’t forget to sample the obligatory Australian Sherry!


Whilst not strictly a restaurant, a good place for lunch is the Dolphin on Southside Street. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a lunchtime snack whilst also taking in the authentic atmosphere of a ‘locals’ pub, as it is popular with the local fishermen. However, it’s probably best not to return there for an evening meal as at night a more boisterous clientele prevails. One of the top places to eat in Plymouth is the Trading House on The Parade. On the top floor is the highly regarded restaurant, whilst downstairs there is a relaxed  bar   and  outside terrace where you can enjoy a cold beer and tapas. The oldest house in Plymouth is Prysten House and dates back to 1498. Prysten House is in Finewell off Nottte Street and is also the location of the Tanners Restaurant which serves top class French and British cuisine. In the summer you can eat al fresco in the courtyard, if eating indoors for a great atmosphere, use one of the stone-walled dining rooms. If you’re not sure which nationalities’ cuisine to try, go to the glass fronted bistro, Cuisine SpontanĂ©e at Century Quay. Here, you choose the ingredients and flavours and watch the chefs cook your order at your table. If you only want vegetarian food then make for the Plymouth Arts Centre on Looe Street, which has a vegetarian only restaurant.


There is an awful lot to choose from in Plymouth, so here are some of the many things on offer. The Theatre Royal, at The Royal Parade, Plymouth offers a year round selection of theatrical productions including; repertory and touring plays, musicals, opera, comedy shows and at Christmas time the traditional pantomime. Plymouth Pavilions is an arena venue and leisure complex. The arena tends to be used more by popular touring bands, comedy acts and cabaret artists. The arena’s maximum seated capacity is 2500, but as a venue it can be arranged in a variety of formats. During the high tourist seasons, it also hosts children’s and family variety shows. On the leisure side, The Pavilions has the only Ice Rink in the south west of England and its swimming pool is themed as ‘Atlantis’, complete with wave machine and water flumes. The Pavilions also operates as a conference centre and is the home venue for the Plymouth Raiders basketball team. Plymouth Dome, currently undergoing refurbishment, is located on The Hoe and holds performances of high-tech and theatrical productions, along with a harbour observation deck, that is complete with computer and radar simulations. The Barbican is the area around the old harbour and the original heart of Plymouth. Here, on Castle Street, is the small The Barbican Theatre, which is a venue for less well known touring and local acts, as well as being a venue for local arts projects and workshops.